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Experimental Solid Mechanics, Second Edition    COLLEGE HOUSE ENTERPRISES, LLC

College House Enterprises is a relatively new publisher of textbooks for engineering students and books emphasizing robotics using LEGO micro-controllers.  We incorporated in 1997 and since then have published about sixty titles dealing with engineering and robotics. These textbooks show a new approach to teaching design and analysis, and reflect the ideas, opinions, and experiences of faculty members and teachers from many schools, colleges and universities.  The interactions and experiences of instructors from several colleges, large and small, public and private, aided immensely in shaping the material included in these textbooks.  The content is based on successful practices in teaching engineering design and robotic development to interested students ranging in age from 12 to 35.

We attempt to publish three or four titles each year.  Visit the "News" page to learn about the new books that we published this year and the titles scheduled to be published next year.

Our Mission

We seek to improve student understanding and retention through textbooks that present a modern, realistic and practical approach to engineering.

Company Profile

We are a small publisher dedicated to providing high-quality, reasonably priced textbooks that stress the importance of design in engineering.  Our titles reflect the ideas and expressions of engineering educators at the forefront of the curricular reform.

Jim Dally is the president of College House Enterprises, LLC.  He obtained a bachelor of science and a master of science degree, both in Mechanical Engineering from the Carnegie Institute of Technology and a doctoral degree in Mechanics from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He has taught at Cornell University, Illinois Institute of Technology, The U. S. Air Force Academy and has served as Dean of Engineering at the University of Rhode Island.  He is currently Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering, at the University of Maryland.

Jim was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1984.  He was selected by his peers to receive the Senior Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award and the Distinguished Scholar Teacher Award at the University of Maryland.  He was also a member of the team receiving the 1996 Boeing Outstanding Educator Award.  More recently he was presented with the Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award by the American Society for Engineering Education and the Daniel C Drucker Medal by the American Society for Mechanical Engineering.

Jim has authored or co-authored twelve textbooks published by McGraw Hill, John Wiley and College House Enterprises.  He has also written about 200 scientific papers and holds five patents.

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Contact Information

Contact us by phone, snail mail, email or fax.  We would be delighted to process your orders or to provide you with a desk copy of any of our titles for review if you have the authority to adopt a textbook for one of your classes.

Telephone or Fax at 865-947-6174 or at 865-558-6111
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